Zentangles: Silver


The bronze marker gave up the ghost and the gold one had rolled under my desk.

My wrist is killing me and my mind is blank. Can’t think of anything but jokes about tall towers of pancakes, and they’re not that funny. These zentangles are from last week; the red, black, and silver one came out especially nice. Zentangles are freeform, but they seem to end up more striking if you give them a little structure.

The Rabbit and the Owl seem to be planning a trip to visit the ghost towns of southeastern Arizona after I posted this link, but there’s no way that’s the definitive map of Arizona ghost towns. I’m sure there’s one I’ve passed a couple times north of Tucson. But this sounds like a fun weekend. Hopefully I can participate. Right now, the only fun I can afford is Pokemon Go, free samples at Costco and Trader Joe’s, and swimming.

In case you think a person who makes art 25-30 hours a week should in some way receive financial remuneration for their work, you can buy my book, support my Patreon, order my merch. Please. I make good stuff. You’ll like it if you try it.

Maybe tomorrow my hand will not hurt and my brain will not be empty and I will draw Dragon Comics about ghost towns.

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