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Age Is Relative

You can always set an example for your children. A bad example is still an example.

This comic is basically a Facebook status that I read many months back. The person who posted it gave me permission to turn it into a comic. The fact that the person who posted it is the wife and mother of these characters and not directly involved in the anecdote obviously doesn’t bother me at all.

Sonoran Switchplate

This one matches its environment.

That’s 4 down, 3 to go. I like this one better than the ones I did the other day. The green pens are still acting weird but at least I got the paint to flow out of them. Unfortunately, it flowed into a puddle, but I made it work, more or less.

This design fits with the other decoration on the wall near it. I think I’m going to move the zentangle into my office and make the one in the front a sunset landscape. And then the one in the den will match my ketubah. Not sure about the kitchen; you can barely see that switch to begin with.

anyway, this is how it looks where I live.

Folksy Switchplates

I’m an adult and this is my house.

Somewhat randomly, I decided to decorate some of my switchplates using these Artiqo Paint Pens The Man gave me a couple years back. Apparently, I hadn’t even opened the box yet because they were all still shrink wrapped. I really liked this product, which was easy to use and dried fast. My only complaint is that both the light green and dark green pens had a watery consistency. I suspect something about the green pigment degraded the paint. They were still usable but the color is not as smooth or bold.

The big zentangle one is the switch by the front door when you come in. The fish are for the bathroom (that glow-in-the-dark star was already stuck on there as part of a larger decorative scheme) and the rainbow mandala is for the bedroom. I was intentionally going for this imperfect folk art look so I wouldn’t get angry at myself when they didn’t come out perfect.

Plastic switchplates are like 79 cents so if I don’t like them I can just replace them. But I think I like them. I have 4 more switchplates I could decorate. I’m really thinking about painting giant mandalas on the walls—a big complex one in the living room and the sacred geometry chakra chart one in the bedroom—and this fits that aesthetic. Painting is just a whole megillah and not my strong suit, but I think I’m moving in that direction. I always hated the paint job in this house but, again, painting is a whole megillah.

These pens might be dangerous. They write on pretty much everything. Who knows what I’ll draw on next?

Back to School 2022

You’re a shooting star. That is what you are.

People kept telling me, “Welcome back,” and I’m like, “I never left.” This is the fourth project I worked on there over the summer. School starts Thursday but I won’t go back till next week.

I glued the K on upside down. It’s fine, I realize that, I just like things with strong foundations. I don’t like the idea that a letter might fall over under its own weight.

This one probably won’t stay up very long. The rainbows are construction paper, and the colors fade very fast. Plus I didn’t glue it very well. I would have made it more elaborate, but the humidity was brutal. I just couldn’t stand outside anymore.

In other news, the new office manager wants to give me control of two more bulletin boards! We’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping I can get kids to collaborate with me on one of them. It might be more work over all, but it might be less of certain kinds of work.

Also, in other news, the client who bought the giant fantasy mural has received it printed in its full scale 8 ft high and 30 ft long. They were kind enough to send me a photo of one small detail and it looks great. I’m really pleased with the work, and if you happen to go to burning man, you might get to see it in real life.