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2 Rainbow Zentangles


Just trying to unwind here. 

I hope these scans are high quality, because in the process of making them, I got my knee tangled in the cable and knocked the scanner off the shelf and onto the floor. It still seems to function normally, but who knows? Every piece of digital equipment I own seems to be malfunctioning lately. I’ve got a phone with a shattered screen, a laptop with an almost useless battery and a frayed power cable and very limited memory, and suddenly I can’t get any decent macro images out of my camera. At least my brand new Wacom tablet is still under warranty.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty focused on finishing up the book, but it seemed more or less done so of course I spent 2 hours drawing abstract rainbow designs. Tomorrow I can prepare the files to be printer and probably get them sent off. It could be printed this week. I may have to take a break from using the tablet for a little while so my hand doesn’t fall off. Maybe some photography is in order. That camera will do my bidding.

Zentangles: Silver


The bronze marker gave up the ghost and the gold one had rolled under my desk.

My wrist is killing me and my mind is blank. Can’t think of anything but jokes about tall towers of pancakes, and they’re not that funny. These zentangles are from last week; the red, black, and silver one came out especially nice. Zentangles are freeform, but they seem to end up more striking if you give them a little structure.

The Rabbit and the Owl seem to be planning a trip to visit the ghost towns of southeastern Arizona after I posted this link, but there’s no way that’s the definitive map of Arizona ghost towns. I’m sure there’s one I’ve passed a couple times north of Tucson. But this sounds like a fun weekend. Hopefully I can participate. Right now, the only fun I can afford is Pokemon Go, free samples at Costco and Trader Joe’s, and swimming.

In case you think a person who makes art 25-30 hours a week should in some way receive financial remuneration for their work, you can buy my book, support my Patreon, order my merch. Please. I make good stuff. You’ll like it if you try it.

Maybe tomorrow my hand will not hurt and my brain will not be empty and I will draw Dragon Comics about ghost towns.

Seeking Zen


Try and try again.

This whole day was just off. Woke up off, never really got it together, and then suddenly, for no reason, my tonsils tripled in size and I started to feel exhausted despite having done absolutely nothing except for eat Mexican chicken with the Fox. The Man and I wanted to watch a lighthearted comedy to change our frame of ming, but, despite what Netflix will tell you Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is not a comedy. And suddenly it was 11:30 at night.

So I thought some zentangles would help untwist me, but I might have caught the Misseses Kitties’ travel cold. I’m so disappointed in my body, particularly my immune system. Shame! Shame! Shame! Ding! I got nothing. There looks like a fair chance that I’ll have nothing tomorrow.

Please, buy my book, support my Patreon, order my merch.

Metal Zentangle 1


Going for the gold, and the silver, and the bronze.

At the same time I acquired 3 pounds of polymer clay, I also picked up another set of Sharpie Metallics to replace the defective ones I bought for October’s Black Cat Bulletin Board. These came from Michael’s, rather than Walgreen’s, and probably hadn’t been sitting on the shelf long enough to completely dry out. Then I got really excited to do a zentangle on black paper, so excited that I somehow failed to notice that this paper was substantially larger than 8 1/2 x 11 (i.e. somewhat larger than my flatbed scanner). So the edges of the design got cut off in the scan, but otherwise this one looks really nice.

Even though this piece was drawn yesterday, I’m still uploading it an hour late today because it’s hard to get back into a rhythm after a vacation, and also other reasons. Needless to say, I never got the chance to actually make anything today, except, of course, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So now I’m behind on everything.

If you’re going to let a blog slide, December is the time to do it. No one has time to screw around online in December. In related news, my holiday sales are booming: 2 Tshirts and 2 stickers in 2 weeks. Success. Yeah. Please, buy my stuff so I can pay for all these art supplies.