Sonoran Switchplate

This one matches its environment.

That’s 4 down, 3 to go. I like this one better than the ones I did the other day. The green pens are still acting weird but at least I got the paint to flow out of them. Unfortunately, it flowed into a puddle, but I made it work, more or less.

This design fits with the other decoration on the wall near it. I think I’m going to move the zentangle into my office and make the one in the front a sunset landscape. And then the one in the den will match my ketubah. Not sure about the kitchen; you can barely see that switch to begin with.

anyway, this is how it looks where I live.


1 thought on “Sonoran Switchplate

  1. Christine/ Lola/ Gola

    Like ’em.
    I am in a fairly new for me abode. Started to paint a bathroom cupboard door with koi months ago .please stop by and finish for me, K? Also have 3 cement walls around drive 7′ tall must paint like Chauvet caves. It’s the pukiest Michigan weather ever lately. Stop by, we surprise Bonnie!


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