QWERTYvsDvorak, The T-shirt Shop Part 2

To bulk up the shop while I was creating new designs, I added some old designs. These are colored versions of the initial caps from the Alphabet of Desire.

These are also available in the original black and white. Everything’s easy to customize (color, product, style, size) in my online shop.

2 thoughts on “QWERTYvsDvorak, The T-shirt Shop Part 2

  1. Your Father

    This reply is to “Words Fail”. I think, in your case, it’s not the failure of the words, which you craft so beautifully that it makes me want to cry. The failure is in the fact that not enough people are exposed to your work and I only wish I had a suggestion to remedy this situation. You do yourself an injustice when you say that your writing puts you in the top 1%. It’s probably more likely that you are in the top 0.00001%.

    By the way, I just finished reading “The Hermit”. I began it on Wednesday and finished it in less than 2 days, which for me is very fast. I loved this tome and was engrossed in it from the very beginning. I promise to keep more current in your work from now on.



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