Make Mine Mandala

img054When I write that I am a private kind of person, I don’t mean it in the way that most people use the expression. I actually prefer to live my life in the open; shame and modesty are sort of foreign concepts to me, and it’s only my regard for others that prevents me from expressing myself in certain ways in public. I’m perfectly comfortable talking about subjects that are considered personal, things that make some folks blush just to imagine.

In the past, I was more open, because I didn’t care who got offended. In the present, while my stepkids are still small at least, it seems prudent to keep certain things under wraps. In the future, I expect there will be fewer restraints, because there will be fewer reasons to self-censor. On that glorious day, my blog may become much, much more popular.

Some people are horrified at the idea of sharing their lives on Facebook. Personally, as an artist, I think Facebook is an excellent tool. Here we are, struggling to express ourselves through art, trying to show the world some part of the interior. Facebook is perfect for artists. My life is my art, and Facebook lets me organize it most beautifully.

What I am private about, though, are feelings. I can tell you what I’ve done all day long (and I’ve done a lot of things, many of which are experiences most people have not have), but, unless we’re very close, I’m not likely to tell you about anything but the most positive feelings. Self doubt, depression, and anger just aren’t on the table.

Drawing the Dragon Comics has offered me a level of distance from emotions. Thoughts that I wouldn’t admit to my best friend except in the most dire state of despair can come out of the dragon’s mouth, because, after all, the dragon is simply a cartoon character. Dragon can say anything. Catharsis appears to be an unexpected side effect of drawing comics.

There’s not much to say about this mandala. I like the colors and the way the points curve as they taper. Can’t remember what was going on when I drew it but it exhibits a good sense of symmetry and precision.

Tomorrow comic should be good, too. Today was the first time I just drew a panel and felt as if I knew what I was doing. I didn’t have to think about how to draw the characters’ bodies, or to Google images on which to base their postures. I just drew them.

Here’s a tidbit…I’m a little nervous now, because up until this point, there’s always been some ideas in my mind as to where the comic was going, and with tomorrow’s comic, I’m completely caught up on the arcs that have been planned for all these weeks. Next week, Dragon and company will have to start doing something new.

OK, maybe I have one or two ideas.

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