Happiness is a Warm Mandala

Apparently it has been 3 weeks since QWERTYvsDvorak has featured an irregular crayon mandala. This travesty cannot stand. I present to you: a golden brown flower themed mandala, a tempting treat for a paper honeybee.

A soothing 6-sided mandala

A soothing 6-sided mandala

Something kind of earthy about this one. The center part reminds me of the sunflowers The Man sometimes brings home, and the green circles in the middle remind me of malachite beads.

Not much art news to report, although I’ve been thinking about some recent projects that I haven’t touched in a while. Does the graphic novel need 5 parts, or is it now complete in 3? Can I possibly redo some of the work on Alphabet of Desire that I accidentally lost somewhere in my house? Losing this paper really put the brakes on the project, and due to its spiritual nature, I worry that I won’t get the same results if I do the work again, and furthermore, although I lost the physical sheet of paper, I know it’s somewhere in this house, that I specifically put it someplace that it would turn up again in the future, when I wasn’t looking for it. That seems to be the project my brain wants to get back to.

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