Boobapalooza: Balancing the Scales of Justice

This is another commission: Boobapalooza is really happening right here in my little town. It’s a celebration to commemorate my friend’s crowdfunded breast reconstruction following her mastectomy, and it’s sure to be raucous. A mutual friend wanted to wear a T-shirt to honor the occasion and asked if I could design one, and here it is! I sold 4 already!

Show your support!

Show your support!

It’s so different from anything I would be inspired to draw myself. Most of the things I want to put on T-shirts are sort of juvenile or innocent. At the same time, the technique is better than anything I’ve done previously, but it took a long time to get right, about 25 hours. Still, you know what they say:

As good as it gets, really.

As good as it gets, really.

It’s been a year of learning.

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