A Good Old Fashioned Mandala

Lavender and lace with a hint of heat

Lavender and lace with a hint of heat

Somehow, this design reminds me of my old Holly Hobby blanket, which probably fell to pieces some time in the mid-’80s. That then reminds me of the scene in Labyrinth where the Goblin King has made Sarah forget her mission and is trying to distract her with all the childhood toys she ever lost. Contemplating her childhood treasure, Sarah realizes, “It’s all junk.” She has only one quest. No stuffed animal, no music box, no Holly Hobby blanket will ever carry more weight than her grown-up goal. No trinket will ever suggest the shape of a treasure.

In tangentially related news, I received my second T-shirt payout today. I am not yet making Vegas money, if you know what I mean. Coincidentally, 2 people posted job listings on my Facebook wall today. It’s weird that people keep sending me job listings, considering I’m not looking for a job, but they both seem like fun jobs that coincide perfectly with my skills and interests and neither appear too time-consuming, so I will probably go for them.

Excited about tomorrow’s comic. As opposed to yesterday’s comic, the only part I have completely figured out is the punchline and the background, but it will be simple and elegant.

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