This Mandala is Very Busy on the Cellular Level

This Mandala is Very Busy on the Cellular Level

Not entirely amorphous…

It looks to me like a diagram out of a biology textbook, or else a page torn from the sketchbook of a character in an HP Lovecraft story. Amoeba? Planaria? Nudibranch? Ancient unspeakable horror? The colors are great, though.

Looks like Wednesdays are going to be a bust for me, artwise, until we finish this salsa dancing class at the end of the semester. I do the majority of my work between 10 and 2, but by the time we get home from the après-class gathering, it’s well past 10. Wednesdays are my volunteer days, so I did pull down the old bulletin board and put up a new background. However, this week is a particular Tucson holiday: Rodeo. Our schools don’t get a day off for President’s day, but we do get Thursday and Friday off for the Fiesta de los Vaqueros, so the school is closed until Monday.

Now it’s late, but I think there’s a good chance I can finish the new T-shirt design I’ve been working on.

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