My First Digital Mandala

If you squint, it's practically perfect.

If you squint, it’s practically perfect.

Here’s my confession: it was time to upload Thursday’s mandala, except the crayon series is, of course, hard copy, and we’re caught up with the scans. I would have had to get up off the couch, turn on the scanner, plug it into the computer, open the scanning software, find the next mandala in the series, pull out the scanner from the shelf and then get the paper into it without hurting the scanner or the paper, scan it, refile the original, uncouple and turn off the scanner, close the software, and then upload the file. And this all seemed like an unconscionable amount of work. So I drew this one instead, because the tablet was already plugged in; the stylus was already in my hand.

I have not gotten off the couch in nearly 4 hours.

This is really not something to be proud of.

Up close this design looks pretty amateur hour, especially compared to some digital work you see, but if you shrink it down or look at it from far away it’s not bad. I still did it freehand so it feels like mine but I think I can get more impressive results with better technique and more knowledge.

Today I have to go to Chicago, so I’ve uploaded this mandala in advance. It’s uncertain how regularly I’ll be able to update while I’m away; I’ve got a bunch of other commitments and work on which I’ve fallen behind, and I’m not likely to sleep well on this trip, or have much free time. There will be something, but I’m not sure what.

1 thought on “My First Digital Mandala

  1. Anna Redsand

    This is gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant. I have to say that I like it even more than the crayon ones, although having recently done a large crayon drawing, I imagine that the process of making the crayon mandalas is very satisfying and relaxing. I do not have all that time-consuming scanner technology, so I had to do with taking a photograph of the drawing to put up on my new blog site. It worked pretty well, I thought. Anyway, the digital mandala is beautiful. I hope that your time with family and the Seder are rewarding as opposed to something else. Good Passover.


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