Dragon Comics 110

dragon comics 110_edited-1

I mean, there are options, but not if you’re constructed entirely of pixels and whimsy.

It’s half past midnight and I’m sitting in my car, parked outside of the public library, because Cox Cable is far more vested in sending me almost daily dead-paper communications trying to sell me cable for the TV I don’t own and long distance for the hard wired phone line that’s not connected to my house than they are in maintaining the Internet connection for which I pay them nearly $70 a month. They’re just a massive bunch of Cox over there. It’s incredibly frustrating, how often our Internets simply disappear for no reason–sometimes it’s for 15 minutes, sometimes it’s for 2 hours–and you know they never reimburse us for that lost time, even though you can be sure I’ll be hearing from them if I forget to pay the bill.

Anyway, the library Internet is slow–it took 5 minutes to upload that image–but functional. I’m pretty sure it’s not illegal to park outside the public library and hop on their network at night. This is certainly not as terrible as it was for me to actually use my key (I worked there in the 90s and had to open on Sundays) to go into the library at midnight to use the network and also sometimes to borrow VHS cassettes without checking them out. I probably would have lost my job if I got caught doing that. Probably the worst thing that could happen to me here is a cop telling me to move along.

Not to brag, but The Man and I had a pretty raucous weekend, with multiple pool parties, a vision quest in the desert, and dinner for 16 at a revolving sushi restaurant with no revolving sushi. It was basically nonstop from Thursday night until he went to bed, and even then he kept getting up and eventually ate half my waffles, so I didn’t get to work until after 11. This is my lame explanation for the low quality artwork today. However, the Owl wanted a Dragon Comic, so here it is.

5 thoughts on “Dragon Comics 110

  1. Anna Redsand

    Loved this for so many reasons. Just happy to see Dragon alive and well. Love the challenge to the binary. Like having my wishes attended to ๐Ÿ™‚ And I laughed about sitting outside the library to pick up wifi. I got so mad at Comcast (the Big provider here) that I cancelled and sat outside the library at all hours to do the same. After a couple months of that, I researched and got a small local provider and have been happy ever since.

    1. littledragonblue Post author

      I did feel like that mini arc needed one more punchline ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe it would be better for me if I changed my Internet usage patterns so that I had to go out to get online, but something tells me I will not soon be giving up that convenience ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Renee

    Hey how dose you cox internet loose time. I have Cox again, and am right next door. I don’t loose any time. I do have one computer hard wired in, and the other is wifi. but I don’t loose any hours.


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