The Mountain Where I Make My Stand

Baby, I was born this way. And I plan on dying this way.

Baby, I was born this way. And I plan on dying this way. But, I promise, not in the immediate future. 

This script took almost 2 weeks to work out, and the last 2 panels weren’t resolved at all until tonight. It’s hard to talk about. So this is a source of contention in some of my relationships, i.e. those people who have to deal with me when I haven’t got enough spoons to even fake it.

Visually, this one pleases me. I’m never sure whether the story hits until someone else appreciates it, though. As for the subject matter, there’s nothing left to say. The comic is the statement.

Funny comic tomorrow 🙂

And here’s the link to my article on Panels, “3 Webcomics for People Who Find Kinky Sex Hilarious.”

3 thoughts on “The Mountain Where I Make My Stand

  1. Anna Redsand

    I get it. I’ve gone farther with making suicidal ideas reality–twice. And at one time I messed with my neurochemistry pharmacologically, but probably never again. I am who I am, but thankfully depressive times are now quite short and far between. Having a bit of one the last 2 days. No electric blanket. Other strategies. They are all strategies for being human. I like the image in cell 3 because it has multiple meanings for me.

  2. Jeff

    Cool comic, I really like the color scheme here in particular.

    Just going to throw this out there, but there are (much better) alternatives to prescriptions, viz. completely herbal and organic remedies as well as over-the-counter amino-acid supplements derived from plant compounds. 5-HTP in particular changed my life and allowed me to drop prescription antidepressants and feel better than I ever had before. You can also check out St. John’s Wort as well as fish oil supplements (omega-3). It’s not about “curing” depression; it’s giving the brain the vital nutrients it may be lacking in order to maximize its potential.


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