Two Versions

Is a picture really worth 1000 words?

Is a picture really worth 1000 words?

Usually the words come before the images, and this comic was no different. When I start drawing, sometimes I put the words into the file first, just so I could see how much space they would take up, but for this comic, there weren’t that many words, and I was feeling very out of sorts, so I wanted to get the more complicated part out of the way before I lost my eye hand coordination and ability to focus. So, I saved the dialog for later, and once I had the black and white outlines I started to wonder if it could be equally, or possibly even more entertaining, as a silent comic.

Here’s the textual version:

...aaaaannnddd, the snake is back again...

…aaaaannnddd, the snake is back again…

Yeah, neither of them are as entertaining as the actual idea I really couldn’t draw because I was too tired to even imagine Legolas as a rhinoceros (OK, no, that wasn’t the gag, but it’s a similar type of a problem) but this is the thing I created today.

At least I received both a request to reprint my article about refugees and comic (my 2nd reprint request this year) plus I found out that I have been put on the media list for Tucson Comicon. Finally! I will fulfill a lifelong dream: employing a press pass to get into an event I want to attend without paying for a ticket. Whee! My writing is really paying off. Also, I’m going to Comicon.

3 thoughts on “Two Versions

  1. Anna Redsand

    I’m a wordie, which answers the unasked question. Moe importantly, congratulations on the reprint requests & press pass. It’s a big deal!

    1. littledragonblue Post author

      I was wondering about the press pass. Like, first they didn’t answer my email and I thought, I guess my credentials are not good enough. Then, of course, when I heard back, I wondered if anyone could bluff their way to a press pass and I should have tried sooner 😛 Hopefully, I got it because they liked my work and the organization I wrote it for.

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