Dragon Comics 119

dragon comics 119_edited-2

I’m not naming any names, but we all know who’s been saying the worst mean terrible things about people they don’t know on the Internet.

It’s about a few things, but in the end it’s mostly about how my stepdaughter is sort of weirdly saintly, especially for a little kid. I’ve never met another human being so naturally full of empathy and love for her fellow organism. Everyone is her friend; everyone is worthy of her friendship. She’s easily the nicest person I’ve ever met. Her secret eludes me, but any could take a lesson in kindness from her open.

Some people could take a lot of lessons.

You know what I mean.

Now it’s 5:01 pm, and this comic is precisely 17 hours late, because last night I accidentally went out and partied like it was 1999, or at least like I had the stamina and endurance that I did in 1999. Must post, make dinner, and then get cracking on tomorrow’s post. Cheers! Hope you enjoy.

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