Seeing Stars Mandala



This week I have some more comics about Dragon sparring with the troll, but it occurred to me that I also needed to fulfill my commitment to Panels, so that was my first priority this weekend. That article’s been filed now, so it ought to go up before the site switches over to “Best of 2015” mode. Anyone who does SEO knows that the Internet is kind of dead between Christmas and January 2. In general, numbers go down around Thanksgiving, although e-commerce¬†sites do see a bump. I might go into “Best of 2015” mode myself, although most likely I’ll just take that week off.

My numbers have been great, actually, but that has more to do with the quality of both my content as well as my efforts to disseminate it, than the calendar date.

Speaking of calendar dates, the solstice draws near, which is wonderful, because I’m not a vampire and all this darkness takes it toll. Winter is anathema to me, and even in the desert, it gets too cold and dreary. I’m a summer dragon. Hard to get things done. The next item on my checklist is getting a Patreon up, but I don’t want to just throw it together, so I’ll need a space of time to focus on that. First, I have 4 more comics to draw.

The interview I wanted to link to last week, where I discuss pantheism, is back up here, and a funny little thing I did for Panels is here.

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