Violet Eyes Are Watching You Mandala


Look into my eyes. All of them.

Friday’s comic, as readers of my Facebook page probably know, roused the “Reddit Republican army,” which is pretty much the best thing that a blog post can do in terms of reach. It’s received nearly 3,000 hits so far, thanks in part to a group of people whose belief in their own righteousness is so strong that they are willing to publicly come out in favor of bullying elementary students. That’s totally what Jesus would do, right? Mock those who are different and then shout out those who speak up for the oppressed. Thanks for generating sufficient controversy to drive traffic to my often-overlooked page.

Of course, the haters didn’t account for all those page views on their own. It was also one of my most-shared posts on Facebook, and has more Facebook upvotes than anything else I’ve ever done. And more WordPress likes. And it gained me more WordPress followers than any single post in 2 years. I didn’t even think it was that big of a deal. Seriously, who gets up in arms about a picture book that advocates not mocking and bullying people? Oh, yeah. The people who have decided to make their stand on the gender binary. Because that’s crazy important. We already saw what happened once women started wearing pants. Can you imagine what the world would look like if we just let people dress however they wanted? Can you picture a world in which we do not deride and ostracize children who can’t conform?

So: my passions for mocking uptight people who advocate censorship in schools, speaking out against bullying, and fucking the gender binary have joined together to serve me…somehow.

Anyway, my psyche can only take so much criticism, and it’s been a weird weekend. Here’s a funny little purple mandala full of eyeballs. They’re always on you, making sure that you adhere to their preconceived notions of everything you are capable of achieving in life based on the presumed shape of your genitals.

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