Real Smooth


All I’m saying here is that, if I decided that I needed to shave a substantial portion of my head, I would at least mention it to the person who has to look at my head the most first. 

So The Man stated the other day that, if I wanted to draw comics about more personal issues relating to him, I had his permission. Granted, I’m 100 percent sure this isn’t what he was talking about, but this is what I drew.

It’s not even like I’ve never seen him without a beard–he was beardless when I met him–but it’s been a long time since he’s shaved. It was a rather conservative beard by any standard, but he refused to grow a more preposterous one, and I had grown used to his facial hair, and rather fond of it. And apparently the look on my face when he walked in like that really expressed my feelings wordlessly.

I would like to point out that panels 2-4 demonstrate Kübler-Ross’s 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, and bargaining in panel 2, depression in panel 3, and acceptance in panel 4.

Anyway, he promises he’s growing it back out, and the beard will return before I have a chance to get used to its absence.

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