Superstar Mandala


Beyond gold stars, we have fuchsia and gold stars with the Eye of Sauron hidden in every ray.

Less productive weekend than usual, but sometimes you have to take a little time to screw around. Friday night I went roller skating with the Fox and the Otter, and sort of lost that evening. Saturday was the day I write at the Historic Y with SFWA, and then I was up late with The Man, so nothing got accomplished then. Today I ended up bringing my equipment to Mrs. Kitty’s house and working there, so I got tomorrow’s comic mostly accomplished. Now it’s accomplished, so if I write a comic tomorrow, I won’t be pressed for time on Tuesday, when I go write with the Fox.

The Wacom tablet is on its very last legs. Yeah, that thing is almost 3 years old, and it’s really taken a beating. Right now I’m using the smallest size of tablet, because the Boy happens to have gotten one some years ago, and he doesn’t use it much. Otherwise, who knows where this project would be? But I’ve got $50 Amazon credit, so I will purchase my own larger version and try to take better care of this one.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print.

3 thoughts on “Superstar Mandala

    1. littledragonblue Post author

      I’ve been using the Intuos pen & touch medium (CTH-680), and the little one that saved me this week is the Intuous pen & touch small (CTH-480). When I buy a new one (soon, I hope) I’ll post about that, whether I get something different or stick with the same.


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