Dragon Comics 144

dragon comics 144_edited-1.png

Also, do you think maybe we should have started this fire outside?

This comic has not featured dragon breathing fire on things in a while. PHWOOMPSH! Monsters burn pretty well. I realized just now that the monsters all should have had axe marks in their heads as per panel 4 in yesterday’s comic, but it’s after midnight and there are some issues with my drawing hand tonight.

I wonder if demonic fire is toxic. Maybe it’s not a good idea to roast marshmallows in it. Burning marshmallows are actually pretty dangerous to begin with. Apparently, they function something like napalm if you set them ablaze and they slather them across someone’s bare flesh.

The Man would probably still eat them, burning monster poison or not.

One fun thing about the tablet: it offers you a million ways to draw flames and they mostly all look good.

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