The Fourfold Path


Are you sure you wouldn’t rather just do the releasing the relationship thing?

It’s not like I intentionally hold grudges, but some people just crawl under your skin and poke at you like so many grass seeds stuck inside a pair of wool socks. Maybe reading this Desmond Tutu book (The Book of Forgiving) will help me find release from the irritation. But also, nothing’s sacred.

So far it’s an interesting work. It’s hard to imagine people embracing their torturers, the murderers of their loved ones, but apparently people do it. Perhaps the truth and reconciliation process will seem more obvious when I get farther into the book. He’s probably onto something with this fourfold path. Definitely, hanging on to anger and seeking revenge is terrible for your mental health. I think I’ve shared the avuncular Syd Lea’s “The Feud” before; it pretty much spells out what that mentality does to a person.

It’s magical that I managed to draw this comic tonight. I started to get a headache, took some medicine, wrote the script, and then got hit with a tidal wave of migraine, that kind of pain that makes you think you might throw up at that very moment. So I turned off all the lights and sat quietly in the dark drinking fizzy water and breathing until the pain got bearable again, and then I drew the pictures. My head just hurts a normal amount; I think the full-blown migraine happened because the winter sun comes into the kitchen at just the right angle to hit me in the eyes when I make dinner this time of year.

I tried to to the shading but it’s not all there and my eyes just couldn’t look anymore. It’s still a good comic.

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