Quick Fix: The Cat Clock

22089255_10214469794167039_1226364201570436278_nSo, if you know anything about TUSD, you probably know that, like most Arizona school systems, it’s terribly underfunded. The PTA has to hold fundraisers to buy toilet paper and pencils. Infrastructure upgrades are few and far between and administered at the whim of people downtown who don’t tend to solicit a lot of opinions from those on the front lines, as far as I can see.

Anyway, they upgraded the PA, the bells, and the clocks. None of the old clocks kept reasonable time. Some of them didn’t work at all. And thus, we had 3 “time zones” in the library. So, they replaced the clocks. And with every clock they replaced, they left the corners of a square hole in the wall uncovered. I could barely see the holes, because I am so short, but a lot of the teachers seemed annoyed. One of them suggested cat ears could fix that, so I made some cat ears. The hardest part was reaching the clock. The step stool was too low, so I had to carry an old desk across the room. Later, I realized the desk’s heaviness was due to it being the storage facility for numerous reams of printer paper. Good thing I’m stronger than I look.

In other news, I have a new Patron! Thank you, Dave G.! It’s especially nice given that I’m not updating 5 days a week anymore. I lost 1 patron when I stopped regularly updating. But I’m still using this blog. I just have more work than I used to have, and not all of it is blog-worthy. If you would like to join the small but loyal crew of people who give me $5 (or more! or less! anything helps!) a month, you can pledge to my Patreon right now!

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