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Your Thursday Center

Today’s mandala makes me a little nostalgic. I drew it for a friend, or a woman I thought was my friend. At the time, we saw each other regularly, often going out to lunch. When I showed her the image and explained that she had inspired it, she said, “That’s perfect.”

Some images really capture the essence of a person.

Some images really capture the essence of a person. 

Then she dropped off the face of the earth. I mean, I know she still exists. Now and then I’ll see something from the business she was talking about starting when she disappeared from my life. The last I heard from her, though, she said she would come to a party at my house, and didn’t. I have a couple ideas about why, but it’s only conjecture.

She was really important to me, and it bums me out that I couldn’t offer her whatever it was that she wanted in the friendship. As a kid, I couldn’t hold on to friends pretty often. As an adult, I have many strong and longterm friendships, but somehow that just makes it even sadder when someone decides to move on.

It’s an unconventional mandala for me, based on a principle of 4, with large flowers in girly colors. The flowers are strong, though, with only a few delicate tips. That’s how my friend was. Square and unconventional, girly and tough. It always seems strange to me that in all these years we’ve never bumped into each other. Possibly, it’s because she always sees me first. I wish her well.