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Happy Birthday, Foxy!


Foxes like chickens, according to cartoons I have watched in my squandered youth. 

It’s Fox’s birthday! Happy birthday, Foxy! I made him this Foxy play set, which includes 1 fat little fox, 1¬†splendid otter, 1 roast chicken, 1 green salad, 1 mushroom pizza (he was so confused last week when I sent him an email that just said, “What’s your favorite kind of pizza?”), 1 gallon of whole milk, and 1 birthday cake. We’re going to have a real life picnic of Jamaican takeout and I will give him this present and maybe even bring 3D Dragon with me, so our alter egos can have a picnic too.


I probably could not ice a real cake so beautifully. My real life chickens look a little bit better, though. 

Normally I wouldn’t post pictures of his present online until after he received it, so as not to spoil the surprise, but the odds are against him reading this blog before I see him.

What are you doing, Dragon? Part 4

Not to brag, but when the Man read this comic, he laughed out loud, and he considers himself a real arbiter of comedy.

Don’t try this at home. Unless you are a fire-breathing dragon. And your home is asbestos.

There’s one more Dragon comic in the works for tomorrow; probably not quite ready to commit to daily webcomics, although I hope to do so someday. But this has been a very encouraging experiment, and Friday’s comic will not be the end of Dragon’s quest to draw.