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Scratch That Idea


It’s not supposed to be funny. This is my nightmare. 

It’s the time of year where a huge percentage of desert trees explode into a venomous miasma of pollen. It’s the palo verdes and the mesquites, mostly, and they’re beautiful, but they also settle right into your throat. Tree pollen is my main enemy, although dust and cat dander tie for a close seconds, and there are a bunch of plants that inflame my skin or my eyes. For pass-out glory and fast, fast itch relief, I depend on Benedryl. Nothing else seems to help.

This week I was with my mom, who has more allergies than I do, and takes a lot of preventative medication. Can you imagine if your body started attacking it?

Still tired and disoriented from Tuesday. That’s the nature of the beast. Tomorrow should probably be better, and if it’s not, I’ll live. Tonight I could actually sleep. Or maybe that part of my life is over and I shouldn’t expect anything like that ever again. So tired.

Yes, this comic took me a week to do. I guess I should be proud it got done at all, given the circumstances. Probably not worth the wait. Just perfect for April Fool’s Day.